Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 1_Entry 1

Logo design for shirt

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. In this first entry, I will show you my logo design for shirt. I used illustration to do it. The main idea as our teacher said is MOON and SUN. The main colors in my logo is black and white. In the 'sun part', I used typography to represent the sun. In 'moon part', I drew waves which are water related to the moon.

And this is my work:

I started searching on websites for models of sun and moon designs. Finally, I decided to use typography to make the sun. In English, I know that the word ‘sun’ and ‘son’ have the same pronunciation. Beside that, the letter ‘o’ could be designed to the sun image (circles, fire) so the word ‘son’ with the letter ‘o’ designed to the sun can represent for the first part of our topic. The second part-moon is easier. I just drew a simple moon with waves inside. About the color, I used two simple hues black and white which contrast together, white for sun and black for moon backgrounds. The colors represent for day and night as well.

In generally, my logo is really simple. I recommend that it should be small and placed on a black background shirt. Hope you guys will like it and vote for me.