Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week 1_Entry 2

Blending images in Photoshop

In this week, our teacher introduced us about blending method in Photoshop. This is a very useful effect in image editing. With it, we can easily make effective image especial for poster. I have taken 2 images (one of them is the poster of the film 'PS: I love you') from the internet and edited them as a poster with Hollywood style. Here are 2 original images:

I combined them to be one. I used layer mask and gradient tool to make it. I resized it as well.

Next, I think adding noise (2%) for it will make 2 original images more related and I ignored its colors.

Next, I used 'Color fill and adjustment layer' tool (next the 'Create new layer' tool) to add color for the picture. I used a slight orange which is warm and very suitable for Hollywood style.

I like this work. Hope to receive your comment.

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Dim Sum said...

It good that you are taking time to experiment with all the possibilities and variations in Photoshop, but you also need to focus on the overall composition.

For example, the way that the actress's face connects with the island feels a bit strange. Her eyes are cut off and the lines in the sky as well as the lines in her neck makes it feel as if she is being pulled by her hair. Its more of a tense feeling than a romantic one.

How could you fix it so it no longer feels tense?