Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week2_Entry 1


Wow, this exercise is so exciting. I understand more about basic design elements and principles. Enjoy my work and see how wonderful the gestalt is...

You can easily recognize the closure concept throughout the circle of flowers. Continuance element is not quiet clear in this picture. The thin plant at the center just makes us focus more on the text slightly. Beside that, the body text and the title were re-arranged to look like a seed which is related to the topic.

Gestalt is a simple theory but it is really hard to apply it in design. I need more practice in this field.

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Dim Sum said...

This image would be stronger if you removed the circle of flowers. More subtle, thoughtful, and more effective.

Design does mean using just the right amount of elements. Keeping the essentials to make the ideas/message easier to see/read.

Try taking away the flowers.