Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 4_entry1

Funny Puzzle effect in Photoshop

Hi guys, in this entry I will show you an interesting effect in PS. Before we start, I recommend you to choose simple pictures to edit. I mean not too much details pictures. They should be pictures of big objects. For example, I have my own picture taking from DaLat city:

It is quite simple. The objects (nice rose, ugly face) are big.

Then, adjust the image more colorful and contrast:

Next, add puzzle effect to the image. Go to Filter menu ->Texture -> Texturizer. The puzzle effect will not exist already so you have to load it. Go to the black arrow and chose Load Texture. Next, find the puzzle texture in Adobe Photoshop folder. Find Presets folder -> Textures -> chose Puzzle texture.
Now, adjust some numbers as you like and we have the result:

However, the picture was still boring. I made it more interesting by taking out some puzzle pieces. Remember, keep some puzzle pieces and drop shadow for them to get a 3D felling.

This is my final work. Hope this entry is useful.

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Dim Sum said...

This was a fairly straight forward tutorial. Why did you darken the border edges? How did it contribute to the final design?